Making you fly like a rare comet

We are a creative agency helping marketers elevate their brands with unparalleled visual storytelling.


The sky is the limit for brands who want to make a difference. We are on a mission to help you realize the positive impact you can make through the power of visual creativity.

Dynamic and purposeful approach

By pushing the boundaries of what you know and helping you discover your creative potential, we’ll create a new visual experience for you that captures your audience like never before, multiplies your engagement, and builds connection.

From animation to graphic design services to video production, we’ll deliver a wide variety of top-notch visual solutions that engage your prospects at every stage of The Customer Journey:


We’ll introduce your brand with HERO content through dazzling visuals. This will be a huge bang to a wider audience.


After capturing their attention, we’ll convert your viewers into customers with HUB content. In other words, regular and consistent content.


Finally, we’ll produce HELP content that answers your audience’s specific questions and makes them feel at home with your brand.

Then, we’ll maximize retention by following up with delighting content.


Constantly exploring new trends of visualization, we strive to deliver the most outstanding results infused with originality.


We are passionate about innovation because this is what allows us to create our visions.


We never say yes to something which is not 100% doable, so you can be certain that we’ll handle your project with maximum transparency.


Together we create synergy. Our open and collaborative work environment cultivates our aspiration for mutual support and constant development.

Our story

10 years ago, creative professional Máté Hajdú felt the desire for working on more multi-faced projects, so he started taking side hustles outside of his 9-5. After working in print design, photography, and UI design as an employee for several years, he had the expertise to help businesses create an outstanding brand experience.

As the number of his projects grew, he knew it was time to establish an agency; he built a creative team of talented graphic designers and video production specialists. They named the company Sublight — the word itself reflects Máté’s vision of progress through visualization at less than the speed of light.

Since day one, we’ve been bringing our passions to the table to help companies achieve sustainable advancements through visual means.