Design Solutions to Enhance Internal Corporate Communication


Differentiation is vital even in corporate internal communication. Engaging employees in their daily work and across communication touchpoints is becoming crucial year by year. Over the years, Hydro's different divisions have implemented these solutions. Hydro took a unique approach to internal branding, creating distinct brand visual identities for three divisions within the same company. This innovative strategy aimed to enhance internal communications while maintaining a cohesive overall brand.


We crafted new identities tailored to each division, enhancing clarity and engagement in internal communications while aligning with the overarching corporate ethos. This approach ensured that each division had a unique identity while still feeling part of the larger corporate family.


Our branding improved internal communication by differentiating messages and fostering a sense of pride and belonging among employees across all divisions. This resulted in more engaged and motivated staff, better aligning with the company’s goals.

Client Goals

  • Creating distinct identities for divisions
  • Maintaining a unified corporate brand
  • Enhancing clarity and engagement in internal communications

Services provided

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Internal Communications Strategy
  • Visual Consistency and Alignment
  • Employee Engagement Enhancement