QLM Introduces an Innovative Forklift Navigation Software for Automated Warehouses

After creating a video for promoting its new, innovative solution, QLM has the perfect tool for marketing its product in the most effective way, impressing both clients and potential investors. The video produced by Sublight has helped QLM demonstrate that they can solve an urgent issue that emerged in the Logistics & Supply industry due to the Corona outbreak.


When the pandemic hit the world, the warehousing industry faced numerous challenges, including a massive shortage of manpower. Due to the low availability of skilled workers, the chance for accidents and property damage as a consequence of overworking dramatically increased. Therefore, the low capacity of human warehouses created a great demand for automated warehouses.But, in the case of NEW automated warehouses, ROI can take a while. So, QLM developed a collaborative system that is integrated into the company infrastructure, helping warehousing businesses eliminate the deficit generated by the lack of a qualified workforce.The software allows forklifts designed for transportation and reaching high locations to operate automatically. It prioritizes tasks, categorizing them into subtasks. Plus, another huge benefit of the QLM system is that the team can check every event from the control room.


The main objective of this video project was to showcase the operation and benefits of this new system. And it was a challenge to demonstrate that the future of warehousing belongs to the AGFs (Automatic Guided Forklifts).


As an experienced video production team, we were focusing on visualizing the values that the QLM system delivers: efficiency, punctuality, and quality.

The Process

• To convey a clear message through video, we built a powerful concept first that utilizes compelling visuals.

• We created a storyboard based on the relevant content and product descriptions provided by QLM. We consider involving our clients into the creative process extremely important, so we held numerous discussions in the meantime which allowed us to fine-tune the storyboard in accordance with the needs of QLM. Also, we reviewed the video versions in several stages.

• We filmed in 2 venues: a general warehouse and a refrigerated warehouse, at -25°C. We interviewed QLM employees and filmed them explaining the solution the product offers. These clips added a lot to the video’s authenticity, helping QLM earn the loyalty of the viewer.

• With animation the sky is the limit, so besides live-action, we leveraged animation too. We designed 2D and 3D animations to visualize and astonishingly portray how the QLM system works, so anybody watching the video can easily imagine what it would be like using it.

• Plus, we created a logo and a PPT presentation design for a tender the company applied for with the product.


The video embraced a remarkable production quality which elevated the worth of the product and reinforced the presence of QLM as a pioneering authority in the market.

As particular attention was paid to give the content a unique branded feel, the video has considerably increased the perception of the brand. The company will be able to use this video as an evergreen content for marketing purposes.