Multi-device app launch video for Apple design award winning software company

After producing a world-class video for the Apple Design Award-winning startup Shapr3D, they had the perfect tool for promoting the app's transformation into a multi-device solution, giving their groundbreaking software even more recognition.


Shapr3D had exciting plans for the multidevice announcement, scheduled to take place at a Keynote event. The video would play a vital role, being streamed live during the event and prominently featured on their website above the fold.

With an already stellar reputation and a robust community on social media, the Shapr3D exceptional brand experience set the stage. The aim was clear: craft visual content that tantalizes existing and new customers, strengthening their loyalty. Video, being the most captivating medium, proved the perfect fit for this objective.


Enabling the app's adaptability across mobile, tablet, and various multimedia devices marked a monumental milestone for Shapr3D. We were determined to mirror the immense innovation in the video's essence. Our primary goal was to swiftly discover avenues to amplify this vision and transform it into an unforgettable visual masterpiece.

The greatest challenge of the narrative was to showcase the most significant advantage of Shapr3D’s multimedia evolution: the ability to effortlessly transition your design from one device to another, ensuring a seamless journey towards a production-ready model right where you left off.


We set out to craft an outstanding video that would leave a lasting impact and stand the test of time. We implemented the already established Shapr3D visual brand guidelines and ignited the narrative with creative visuals and dynamic videography.

Shapr3D's flexibility allowed us to explore a diverse range of creative solutions and assemble an expansive video production crew, generating a captivating final product.

Together with the Shapr3D team, we built a story that showcases the app through the lens of its most prevalent users: the engineer and the product manager. To help the viewer visualize the excellent user experience, we used numerous face and app close-up shots.

The Process

  • At Sublight, we believe that as a marketer, you know your product best. That’s why we pay particular attention to involve our clients into the creative projects. Shapr3D was an exceptional collaborator. Their enthusiastic engagement in the filmmaking process, leveraging their expertise as product pioneers, was truly inspiring and added a unique layer of depth.
  • Our shared goal was to bring the app's capabilities to life on screen and elevate the Shapr3D brand experience through unique visual storytelling, so we relied on the crew’s commitment to master the app's usage and establish authenticity. The Sublight team dove into the intricacies of the software to reflect the innovation and enthusiasm behind Shapr3D itself, resulting in a video that shows what it feels like using the app, reflecting the passion of those who use it.
  • One challenge we faced was ensuring that the actors seamlessly and convincingly interacted with the app on multiple devices. This demanded swift learning on their part to realistically embody the experience of Shapr3D users.
  • We were filming for 2 days in a CNC workshop and the Shapr3D office.
  • Tech: Arri Alexa Mini Camera, Arri Skypanel and Astera Titan lights


The new Shapr3D video brilliantly highlights the app's remarkable functionality and user experience. This dynamic video not only boosts brand awareness by captivating the Shapr3D audience but also effectively conveys the message that now users can effortlessly sketch, model, visualize, and create technical drawings from their preferred devices, enhancing Shaper3D’s authority and making viewers think, “I got to try this now”.