TIP Group

Recruiting Campaign For Thoughtful Employers

TIP Group needed to fill new positions due to their expanding network. Inclusivity and directness guided our approach, ensuring the recruitment campaign appealed to a diverse audience.


TIP Group needed to create an inclusive recruitment campaign that appeals to mechanics and technicians across all age groups and nationalities while maintaining brand consistency across diverse media.


An adaptable graphic theme was developed. It maintained their brand’s visual identity across various tools and platforms. Additionally, a youthful version of the brand was introduced to engage and attract younger talent, ensuring broad appeal and inclusivity.


The campaign successfully broadened TIP Group’s appeal, attracting a diverse pool of talent and boosting brand recognition. This inclusive approach kept the brand consistent while engaging potential recruits from various demographics.

Client Goals

  • Creating an inclusive campaign for a diverse audience
  • Maintaining brand consistency across various media
  • Engaging younger talent while appealing to all age groups

Services Provided

  • Inclusive Graphic Design
  • Multi-Platform Brand Integration
  • Youth Engagement Strategies
  • Recruitment Campaign Development
  • Brand Consistency Maintenance


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