Trade fair booth design solutions

A trade fair is a unique event because you get immediate feedback on your presence from you visitors. Whether refined, subtle, standout, or educative, your booth design can make a lasting impression and clearly communicate your brand’s message. 


Hydro’s goal was to combine various assets into a brand-specific yet eye-catching booth. The resulting design seamlessly integrated Hydro’s branding elements with innovative visuals, attracting visitors and conveying Hydro’s message clearly.


Hitachi needed a standout graphic to demonstrate a sophisticated system. By integrating OEM CAD files with meticulously crafted textures and lighting, the booth achieved an informative and visually engaging final style. The display used a see-through style, turning the wall into a large, detailed explainer visual, making complex concepts easily accessible to attendees.


Astron aimed to enhance its employer branding through its booth design. By capturing shots of employees and featuring their images and roles, the booth promoted the company’s career opportunities. This personalised approach highlighted the company culture and appealed to potential recruits.