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B2B Video Marketing: Industries That Must Have a Video Strategy

Marton Mundy
B2B Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

Video is a fast-developing marketing tool, and 93% of marketers today say that this medium is an essential part of their marketing strategy. And to stand out from the crowd and increase their conversions, B2B brands need more videos with a well-strategized content plan.

Here are the industries that need to create an efficient strategy.


Being one of the most profitable industries, FinTech constantly comes up with innovative solutions. But even if B2B customers may be familiar with FinTech terms, you need to engage them quickly and easily just in a few seconds to get them on board. 

You can only solve this issue by explaining complex solutions in a simple way, as you would normally do with B2C customers. Use a well-structured, appealing video that tells the story of your product in a way that everyone can understand.

One may think that in the world of money and numbers everything is black and white on average, so a B2B FinTech video will be boring anyway. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. Remember, your FinTech product will be used by human beings who want to have a solution for their problem and who also like to be entertained. So, plan your video content with your end-users in mind and make sure you make it as interesting, eye-catching, and authentic as possible. 


As 50% of SaaS businesses depend on user-based pricing, the urge of retaining the attention and loyalty of customers month-to-month has never been so vital. SaaS marketing videos know no limits in creativity, yet the biggest challenge for this content type is how to humanize a product that is purely technical.

Coming across a massive amount of tech products, people want to know exactly what they can get after they subscribe to a scheme, but after all, they make a buying decision based on what they feel when encountering your brand. And that is the reason 44% of SaaS brands choose a demo as the backbone of their client attraction process. 

Whether you aim to get new investors or users interested in your SaaS product, a demo can bring you great success. Build a video strategy that shows your users how to use your product and target their hearts with a personal tone of voice and compelling visuals.


Due to new technologies and the continuous flow of industry entrants, customer expectations are evolving, so transportation firms need to revise their strategy for their B2B customer experience

The customers of transportation businesses have specific needs, and their ROI is affected by how and when their products are transported. They want to know whether their goods are in safe hands, and they want to know your attitude too.

So, video marketing is a perfect instrument to establish credibility and improve the reputation of your transport firm. Leveraging audio and video, you can build a video strategy that demonstrates that you not only transport products from A to B precisely, but you care.

Promote your services with a video that shows a positive company culture. Create a story that your customers can resonate with and feature your team members to make the impression of your brand more human.


B2B video content marketing is fairly new in the field of manufacturing, but its use has increased remarkably over the last couple of years.

Usually, this market niche endeavors to provide prospects with valuable information about their product’s approach. On the one hand, this is useful because prospects need to understand the benefits of the given technology. This is how you can gain their trust as an expert in your field. On the other hand, they may get bored watching a static video featuring numbers, terms, and equipment. 

Thus, to engage your viewers and make them contact your manufacturing company’s salesperson, you need to combine technology with interesting and interactive solutions. Create a video strategy that involves your audience and educates them by showcasing your engineers and manufacturing processes. This way, they will feel they have a connection with a human being.

Wrap Up

The growing importance of B2B video marketing shows that sales-focused companies need more and more videos to showcase their products and services successfully and raise the interest of prospects.

Every industry needs a video that truly talks to people, but especially SaaS, transportation, manufacturing, and FinTech need video content to convince their prospects and existing customers with a positive brand experience. 

In case you were wondering whether you need a video marketing plan for sales purposes, the answer is: definitely. No matter your field. Ask us to create a B2B video for you and let us help you amaze people with unique video content.

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