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Corporate Videos: 5 Ideas That Get People to Remember Your Brand

Marton Mundy
B2B Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

Visual signs convey brand messages much faster and with more emotion than plain text. It is not surprising, then, that marketing campaigns featuring corporate videos tend to generate more quality leads. Corporate videos influence your potential customers through their visual senses, and this is the reason this medium can generate higher engagement.

Studies have shown that 90% of the information transferred to the brain is visual. This number indicates that you can attract most of your audience by the feelings that eye-catching colors, moving objects, shapes, sounds, and various other video features evoke.

Watching a stunning corporate video, the viewer feels what a product may add to their lives. And when they like what they feel, they begin to trust your brand.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the top ideas that can help you convert your viewers into customers.

1. PR videos

Corporate videos in PR allow you to broaden the reach of promotions by visual presentation. PR videos communicate a message in an engaging way, increasing responsiveness. These videos are usually embedded on the company’s website and shared on their social media platforms too.

Coca-Cola’s PR video creates confidence in the viewer before they would make a purchase. Showcasing impressive cuts of the manufacturing process and captions including sales data, the company delivers a simple message that can be understood in a blink of an eye:

you’d get a high volume of positivity and energy by consuming their energy drink.

2. Live-action explainer videos

Using photography instead of animation, live action explainer videos allow you to capture emotions in a powerful way.

If you work in the software and IT services industry, you are probably aware of the importance of humanizing your products and services for a high conversion rate.

In the corporate video above, Bitrise does a great job at communicating their brand ethos by featuring a team member who narrates a story, suggesting how you may overcome obstacles using their services.

3. Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos present products, services, or business ideas in a compelling way. Due to the benefits of animation, these videos encourage suitability for bringing any concept to life. Whatever your theme is, animated videos provide you with endless freedom to showcase your product in all genres, just the way you want.

This corporate video from TIP Insights succeeds in giving context with animated motion graphics to the different sets of challenges they tackle within the transportation industry. Also, they build trust by featuring various charts of analytics and informative digital elements.

4. 3D explainer videos

The designs of these videos are modeled and rendered in 3D, so you can bring any product image to life. If you want to showcase products which are difficult to depict accurately, 3D is a perfect choice compared to 2D or live-action because it provides you with more options.

In DiHa’s corporate video, you will see the building of a house model with construction products including window static consoles and slab edge formworks. Each element shows every detail in 3D, so DiHa customers get a reliable view of the inner workings. With the help of this video, viewers understand that designing a building with DiHa products comes with safe and quality solutions.

5. Company introduction videos

Company introduction videos are one of the top solutions for telling your audience what your business is about. As these videos mainly display your approach to your customers and employees, they help you increase your credibility.

This corporate video from Hepenix invites you to take a look at what’s behind the scenes. They focus on their team, processes, and machines, telling their company's story and effectively connecting with prospects on a personal level.

The bottom line

A corporate video makes your brand memorable and strengthens the emotional connection with your customers. This content type provides you with various genres, techniques, and approaches you can leverage to improve your market reach. Find the solution which works best for you to make people feel the way you want them to feel, and let them choose your brand over your competitors.


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