How Can Motion Graphics Support Your Business Strategy?

David Heiling
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

Does this sound familiar? You’re done with work and sitting on your couch, relaxing before you make dinner. You bring out your phone and start mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds, not stopping to pay much attention to what’s in front of your eyes. The doomscroll.

The term ‘doomscrolling’ came into our vocabulary late last year, giving us an exciting insight into consumer behavior.

If you’re a business owner looking to build an online audience to achieve an increase in brand awareness and authority while driving targeted traffic to your website, you need high-quality content that adds value for your visitors. Content that makes people stop. Whatever your niche is, your audience is already subject to overconsumption of digital content.

Motion graphics can be, and is quickly becoming, the solution to this problem. Cisco estimates that by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will comprise video viewing. Not only do you need to keep up with the times, you need unique content to help you stand out from the crowd. As a leading motion design studio, Sublight is expertly placed to help you boost your media production and support your business strategy through motion graphics.

What are Motion Graphics?

Let’s start by taking a step back.

Motion graphics combine technology and visual art to create engaging content that improves user experience. Today, consumption is driven by video. Consider the sudden rise of TikTok during the pandemic. People want easy-to-consume content they can sit back and watch, just like their favorite Netflix show or animated films they watched when they were young.

There are three popular styles of motion graphics:

  • Emotional videos that want to engage directly with the audience’s emotions to make them feel a particular way. This video style can help establish a relationship between the viewer and your brand, encouraging them with a call to action. You could incorporate free resources, other videos, or even a petition into your motion graphic.
  • Explainer motion graphics are one of the most common styles. They can help you present your business as an industry expert by explaining your product or service’s fundamental concepts. You can use this method to incorporate your brand’s tone, style, and value proposition while keeping up with new trends.
  • Promotional motion graphics are what you’ll want to create when you have a new product or service launching on your website. You can also use this to promote evergreen products that form the center of your business. You can utilize these motion graphics to drive traffic to your website during a sales period or encourage people to sign up for your newsletter to get a discount.

If you’re having a hard time imagining motion graphics in your head, here are 100 of the best examples of motion graphics.

Motion Graphics are short animated films

You can think of motion graphics as your own short film. It incorporates animated graphic elements alongside traditional video content. You’ll have seen this format used for explainer videos to clarify a business’ product or explain a concept. This style is popular with government institutions looking to spread easy-to-consume and memorable information to the public.

Aren’t all videos motion graphics? While this is technically true, a motion graphic involves more than just live-action footage. It partly focuses on animation and text as well.

Motion graphics are a clever way to slide your website visitors or social media viewers into the sales funnel. They don’t come across as a sales pitch in comparison to other forms of advertising. The animation makes motion graphics enjoyable to watch, which keeps your target audience engaged while encouraging them to share on social.

Motion Graphics display easy to consume content

When developing your video content, motion graphics should be a part of your marketing strategy for many reasons, including length and consumability. Did you know there’s a significant drop-off in viewership after the first 2-3 minutes of a video? Bite-size content in the form of motion graphics can increase interest, boost engagement, hike up brand awareness, and drive specific and targeted traffic to the webpage of your choice.

Short and easy-to-watch content is powerful. Just look at Great Big Story and its nearly 6 million YouTube followers.

Motion graphics utilizes text with animation to get its message across, making the content more accessible to viewers. Most of us scroll through videos on our phones without the sound on, especially while commuting. Nearly 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound, while 76% of Facebook ads rely on the audio being on to deliver their message.

The text of your motion graphic can double as subtitles. Captions open your content up to a full spectrum of viewers and allow your content to be equitable and accessible for everyone, regardless of physical or psychological differences.

Wistia reports that videos two minutes or shorter have a 70 percent viewer completion rate, significantly higher than most video rates. Your motion graphics give you prime real estate to work with. With more visibility comes more responsibility. You need to partner with an innovative and creative motion graphics studio to ensure you don’t squander your opportunity.

Motion graphics give you the ability to curate the user experience exactly how you’d like it. Once you have your visitor’s attention, you can translate your message to the viewer in the tone and style that complements your brand.

Motion Graphics are highly sharable

Think about the kind of content that you share on social media. You might not reshare a brand’s photo or logo, but there’s a chance you’ll hit the ‘retweet’ or ‘share’ button on an exciting and captivating motion graphic. Visual appeal make motion graphics easier to interact with, increasing the chance of a viral hit.

Many of us are not staring at a laptop screen when we’re scrolling through websites and social media. The majority of people scrolling through websites and social are using their smartphones, which is where motion graphics have another advantage. Your motion graphic will fill up the entire phone screen: ideal for a short 90-second motion graphic.

How Motion Graphics help you stand out from the crowd

Take a moment and think about how saturated the internet is.

Every time you log onto Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’re inundated with content. You’ll likely scroll through several pages of your feed before something catches your eye. This behavior is natural and becoming even more common thanks to our hybrid digital life, where we spend more time on the internet than in reality.

Motion graphics can translate your brand story in more ways than a simple blog post can. Not everyone wants to read paragraph after paragraph about your business’ origin, but they will sit and watch a motion graphic.

How Motion Graphics help explain your brand or product

You can use motion graphics as a way to take a simple piece of information and make it more interesting, in-depth, or visually appealing. Think of how often you come across infographics on your Instagram feed. You might briefly glance over it, but the likelihood is that you’ll keep scrolling. Converting this information into motion graphics can give it new life in the eyes of your viewers.

With motion graphics, you can explain the mission behind your brand. These motion graphics can be educational and give the viewer value while adding discreet branding that improves your brand’s image and makes the viewer more aware of your story.

Video is the stand-out digital media

Around 75 percent of marketing managers and agencies say video is their top priority within content growth strategy. Most content will get lost in the sea of cat videos and viral trends that are here one minute and gone the next.

You can utilize motion graphics as a way of showing the human side of your business. These motion graphics leave an impression on your viewer and develop the trust that helps convert visitors and followers into sales. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a motion graphics studio to help you produce high-quality content that tells your brand’s story.

Why your business strategy needs Motion Graphics

Did you know that 91 percent of businesses with a video marketing strategy see an increase in ROI? Additionally, 93 percent of those same businesses point to videos leading to a spike in customer engagement and orders.

Whatever your business strategy is, you can easily incorporate motion graphics into your marketing plan. This versatile media can help you promote client testimonies, help you develop relationships, build brand awareness, and bring targeted traffic with purchase intent to your website.

Video marketing can boost your revenue 49 percent faster, giving you a return on your investment that you don’t see with other forms of media. If you have a limited marketing budget, there’s an excellent chance motion graphics can get you the highest ROI.

The production behind Motion Graphics

You want to hire a motion design agency to oversee the production and distribution of your motion graphics. Each motion graphic is a different piece of the puzzle you put together by implementing a specific strategy while creating consistent content that works with your brand’s identity.

A business should want all its digital content to be as high-quality as its motion graphics. If a potential client or customer visits your profile, you want them to see consistent content that continues to provide value. Each piece of content should build the relationship and move the needle toward success.

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the different aspects and services available online. The beauty of motion graphics is that it’s a low-cost digital marketing method with a high ROI.

Motion Graphics are cost-effective

The cost to hire a motion graphics agency is significantly less than other feature-length video productions, as there are limited costs involved with production. At Sublight, our process ensures you move your visitors down the sales funnel while providing relatable, relevant, and purposeful content.

At Sublight, our process includes:

  • Listening - We ask many questions. This is an essential exercise in finding out precisely what problem your brand needs to solve and how to achieve it with maximum efficiency.
  • Defining - Using the insights from our listening, we head straight to the core of the matter. Using our framework, we begin to formulate a creative strategy tailored to your specific needs.
  • Designing - With our interdisciplinary team of experts, we leave no stone unturned to make your brand stand out from the rest. Cohesive planning and maximum communication are keys in this phase.
  • Executing - We aspire to over-deliver in every aspect ranging from quality to turnaround periods. We never fall short on our promises.

This process allows us to know your business on a foundational level to create cost-effective and exciting motion graphics custom-tailored to your brand.

You can move Motion Graphics offline

Your motion graphics are an asset to your business. They don’t have to exist solely within the online sphere. You can bring motion graphics into the real world by incorporating them into your office by displaying them on your TV screen or client-facing digital experiences.

Additionally, if you’re a business that frequently goes to conferences and expositions (pre-and post-COVID), you can display your motion graphics at your booth to help draw in foot traffic to interested passersby.

It’s time to embrace Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can help improve your KPIs across the board, from sales conversions and website traffic to brand awareness and overall business growth.

At Sublight, we’ve worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and TIP Trailer Services to help them tell their story to the world. We have the unique skillset and storytelling ability to present your brand to the world.

If you want to make your brand viable in the digital world, engaging with a creative agency that specializes in motion graphics is nearly always a good investment. Motion graphics can put your business head and shoulders above the competition and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re interested in finding out how motion graphics can work with your business strategy, reach out to us today.

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