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How to Make A Short-Term Creative Video

David Heiling
Video Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

Video is the driving force of online engagement. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Whether you’re offering a service or selling an innovative new product, you want to be incorporating video production into your online strategy. 

At Sublight, dozens of businesses use our video production services to create motion graphics to develop brand association and deliver a high ROI. We’re giving you a five-step process to help you create short-term creative videos that work for your business and will drive your online engagement.

Choose your topic

When it comes to video production, no topic or theme is off-limits. You want to start by deciding what the purpose of your corporate video is. This step will help you bring cohesion to your video and have a more streamlined message. You can use a corporate video to announce a new product or highlight a social or charity initiative. 

Include behind-the-scenes footage

You want to feature your product or service within your video, even if it’s in subtle ways. You can engage with your audience by giving them a unique insight into what makes your business different, whether it’s by showing them a sneak peek into your office or the philosophy behind your brand. Incorporating footage into your video can make it more relatable to your audience. 

Add animation

You can make it stand out by adding motion graphics into your video production. Mixing up the media types will help your video stand out from the crowd and make it more intriguing to your audience. You can use the animation to incorporate your graphic or branding into the video. You could take it to the next level by using animation as a means of storytelling. It's an innovative way of explaining a concept or showcasing the evolution of your product.

Don’t forget captioning!

Even when you have the video portion finished, you still have one final element of your video production. Captioning can make or break the success of your corporate video. The majority of users watch videos without audio. Utilizing captioning not only makes your video more accessible but also allows you to translate your message without needing to rely on audio. 

Promote your video

Getting your corporate video from an idea to reality is only half the battle. Once you’ve got it polished and ready to go, you want to think about promoting your video. You want to cross-post your video on as many platforms as possible to help drive traffic to your website, especially if you’re promoting a new product or service. You want to utilize your video as a way to get the audience into the sales funnel. 

The purpose of the video is to increase your brand awareness as much as it is to boost your sales. After putting in the hard work to create your video, you want to get it out in front of your target demographic and increase your ROI.

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