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How to Win Investors Over for Your Startup with a Pitch Video

Janos Czinege
Video Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

It is increasingly difficult to attract investors in the oversaturated market of innovative products, with more than 100 million startups launched every year.  

Shareholders want to see big returns. Therefore, you will have to prove to them that your customers will want to buy your product. And the key to that evidence is demonstrating that your idea is truly one of a kind and the solution you offer works.   

What could help you demonstrate this better than a winning pitch video?

What is a pitch video?

A pitch video is an engaging sales pitch that uses video instead of text pitches.

A pitch video is more personalized, entertaining, and appealing than a textual pitch.

You can get more information across and run more crucial analytics per second via this type of content.

As 95% of prospects understand a message watching a video faster than through reading a text, the value that your pitch video can add to your product’s perception is massive.

Plus, everybody knows that creating a video requires hard work, so seeing your pitch video investors will think that you have gone and above beyond. And they will appreciate it.  

So, if you’re preparing for raising a new round, make sure you boost your elevator speech with a pitch video.

Video success: how do you create a powerful pitch video?

Firstly, embrace the role of your pitch video:

It must win the hearts of investors and then reinforce them with clear visual explanations that the decision they have made is splendid.

Now, let’s dive in and see how to make the greatest pitch video possible:

  1. Write a unique story

To clearly explain the value of your product, write a story that has no parallel in the startup history and use it as the foundation of your video.

Strive for enticing both customers and backers. What stories your customers may tell themselves when encountering your product for the first time? Tell the story they would like, in the most authentic way. Unleash your creativity and utilize visual and sound effects to support your story. 

  1. Keep it short and straight to the point

Can you imagine how many elevator pitches investors listen to daily? 

A lot. When they join a meeting to watch a demonstration, their brain automatically filters the information you’re presenting, thinking “Okay, so what’s the point?”

In other words, don’t stall for time.

Effective pitches are between 5 and 10 min, so you can reach the highest engagement if you include a 2 min video in your pitch. The more concise the video, the more likely it is that your potential investors will enjoy watching it.

  1. Create a strong hook

Viewer attention is LIMITED. In fact, you have 30 seconds to grab the attention of your viewer and persuade them to keep on watching. In such a short time, you’ll need to make sure that you glue their eyes to the screen, introduce your product, and show the benefits of using your product. 

So, get to the point quickly!

  1. Benefits, benefits, benefits

Focus on benefits instead of product features. Yes, it is essential to make investors familiar with your product by telling them what your product does, but they will only listen if they understand how your customers will benefit from these features. Thus, emphasize the features and support them with the benefits.

  1. Leverage the human touch

Keep your video real, so backers can resonate with it. Use the human connection as a content pillar and your viewers will feel that they can trust you.

Here are a few examples of how to humanize your video:

  • Infuse your content with your brand personality. 
  • Let your passion shine through the content.
  • Add a few teamwork clips to your video. 
  • Don’t sugarcoat. Always be honest about your company.

  1. Never forget the CTA

The CTA at the end of your video is your key to making your backers take action. Even if your video is amazing, if you forget the CTA, you will miss out on the opportunity to make a direct statement to them. But watching your terrific video till the end, they will have a fresh impression of your product. And that’s the most ideal time to tell them what to do next, with a strategic CTA. 

Why should you hire a video production agency? 

The quality of your pitching video must be top-notch if you want to make a good first impression on your potential investors. But if you can’t guarantee to deliver great results in-house, it’s best to outsource the project. 

A video agency consists of experts who know the nitty-gritty of concept creation and video production. By hiring a video team, you’ll get access to the best video production equipment and professional knowledge that will make your video stand out. 

At Sublight, we have the experience and expertise to create an outstanding pitch video that will help you win over investors.

Ready to create your pitch video? Ask us to translate your message and product benefits into an appealing video today.

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