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How You Can Create A Great Corporate Video

David Heiling
Video Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

Whatever industry you're working in, or whatever size your company is, you need to be incorporating videos into your corporate strategy. Videos allow you to engage with your audience while selling them your service or product.

The growth of social media shows that it’s never been easier to reach out to and interact with your target demographic. Videos give you a chance to tell your story and develop the relationship between you and your customers.

We're rounding up the four steps to creating a video that will raise your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. If you don't have an in-house digital department, a video production team will work with your business to create a memorable and long-lasting corporate video.

Choose the story

Every video has a purpose and a good video is unique. You might use one video to promote your latest product, while another focuses on your company’s vision, mission, or creation story. Identifying the story or main character of your video will allow a clear direction on how to proceed.

Engage your audience

Think about your target demographic and what they want to see from you. What value can you add to their day? Not every corporate video needs to go viral. You can be successful without getting thousands of shares or retweets by making a specific impression on your intended audience.

Choosing and identifying your target audience will help you create more engaging content. If you're looking to run a recruitment drive, you can engage your audience by featuring current employees and telling their stories. If you're launching a product to the Gen Z demographic, you'll want to take a different approach than if you were pitching to an older generation.

Find your production value

You don't need to produce an Oscar-worthy production for it to create results. You also don’t want to crudely throw something together at the last minute and make a fool of yourself. You want your video to be impactful and offer something to your audience.

You want your video to stand out from the crowd with more production value than something shot on your iPhone during a lunch break. Creative agencies that specialize in video production like Sublight are the best place to help create a long-term video marketing plan that is guaranteed to get you results.

Promote your video

Your video production team has taken your story, considered your audience, and produced a video that you're excited about. Your next task is to get out into the world and in front of your target demographic. Don't get so caught up in the production that you compromise the distribution of the video.

You'll want to start by uploading your video to YouTube to give it a permanent home on the internet's most popular video site. Depending on the length of your video, you can also upload it directly to social media sites. If your video is too large for these sites, you can post a snippet and a link to the full video on YouTube.

You'll want to tease your video before it's released and capitalize on your email list by giving them an exclusive sneak peek of the finished product. Don't forget to add the video to your website, either directly or by embedding the YouTube link.

Analyze and strategize

Now that your video is live, ensure you have analytics available to you. Monitor your video’s reach and consider using some of your marketing dollars to make it more viewable. Video is now the No. 1 most consumed type of content in the world and when done correctly, can bring traffic and measurable growth to your business.

At Sublight, technology is our passion, and video is the medium. When you partner with Sublight to create your corporate video, we help you develop a creative strategy based on your business’ needs and captivate your target market with a video that will bring quality and targeted warm leads to your website.

Ready? Book a free discovery call with us now to find out how we can propel you towards your goals!