3D explainer video: an animated video explaining an idea, service, or product in a three-dimensional environment.

Whether you market a single product or a product line, adding short explainer videos to your sales funnel is a powerful tool to scale up your business. According to a research report, 94% of consumers watch explainer videos before they make a purchase. People want to know what they buy, and 3D explainer videos help you showcase product features in an engaging and educating way while providing your viewers with the comfort of entertainment. Would you like to learn about how a 3D explainer video can have a positive impact on your ROI? Keep on reading!

Brand perception with the power of experience

Although their name says ‘explainer’, these videos don’t explain the benefits of your product; they leave the sense of experience in the minds of your viewers.

Your customers believe what they experience. With 3D visualization, you can depict any situation whether it would exist in real life or not. You can create a terrific brand experience and make your viewers perceive your brand as you wish.

And if the visual experience of your product is evident and compelling, your potential customers will connect with your brand and choose your product.

Exciting visuals for advertising

Exciting ads raise the visibility of your product and encourage your prospects to interact with your brand.

As 3D explainer videos are modeled and rendered from scratch, you can use them to portray the most exciting and astonishing themes you can imagine. The sky’s the limit. You can amaze your audience with a scene unusual in your industry, such as levitating sofas in space. Or, you can arouse curiosity with contradictory elements such as a snowy summer’s day. Exciting, right?

If your viewers actually enjoy watching your product video and feel excited about using your product, it means that you have prepared their mind to take action.

Leveling up your product value

There are concepts that deserve dimension.

Compared to 2D, 3D explainer videos are known for visual richness and high level of detail. The visualization of color and texture in 3D explainers is significantly closer to reality than in 2D. Consequently, they embrace high production quality which elevates the worth of your product.

Freedom for visual reality

It does not matter whether you strive to embody a complex, abstract, or realistic concept, you can breathe life into it with 3D.

·         A product with complex functions has a complex system, and it can be a challenge to make viewers understand it. But with 3D, you can simplify the introduction of procedures, so your prospects will have a simple idea of a complex matter.

·         You can utilize abstract concepts to convey human ideas, such as innovation, thinking, and creativity. As 3D explainer videos communicate a metaphor concretely, they make your image easy to consume.

·         Displaying a product with a photorealistic style, you can thrive with the illusion of “real”. 3D videos manifest anything true to life while unveiling the advantages of your product in a way that physical laws would not allow. For example, you can show the internal functioning of an object by cutting it in half or flying into it, and your customers would never figure it is not live-action.

Economical yet appealing

Cost-effectiveness is also a key advantage of 3D explainer videos. Depending on the type of product, shooting a product video can take enormous resources. For instance, if you specialize in building sustainable home heating systems, it may take years to film the development and functioning of your product. In this case, animating a realistic explainer video instead of filming would save you time and money.

3D explainer videos combine art and design to incorporate your product’s benefits. They boost your KPIs and help achieve your business goals with content that engages your audience. Would you like to increase your conversion rate? Ask us to create a 3D explainer video for you and let us translate your brand message into a stunning product video.