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TOP 6 B2B Video Advertising Trends in 2021

Adrienn Herendi
Video Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

The pandemic turned everything upside down, and data showed that video remained the ruling content type for business-to-business brands in 2021. As we were trying to survive lock downs, economic hardship and social isolation in every corner of the world, brands realized that the key to survive was to stay personable with prospects.


By winning hearts with the most interactive and human content type: video.

While options for professional video production became limited since the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of video views jumped worldwide. So, we compiled a list of the most liked video advertising trends in 2021 that increased the engagement rate and organic reach of B2B businesses like you, so in the New Year, you can leverage the tactics that actually work.

1. Platform-specific social videos

As social video content drives 1200% more shares than textual content and images alone or combined, it is not surprising that brands who went beyond advertising and connected with their customers face-to-face on social platforms emerged strong. And as a result, they could gain remarkable brand recognition quickly.

Live videos, social media stories, short clips, and behind the scene videos carried the year, and TikTok overtook YouTube in watch time. Facebook and Instagram were still the most downloaded apps in the world, and B2B video content has never been more watched on Facebook and Instagram than in 2021.

Although one might think that it is a wonderful idea to simply clone a video on every platform, social videos win if they are fine-tuned as platform-specific. For example, the optimal video length is different for TikTok than for Linkedin, and going live on IG TV is a completely different thing from creating how-to videos for YouTube


2. Explainer videos

Since COVID, the demand for more content has risen by 80%. When physical shops closed, events were canceled and in-person meetings went fully digital, 94% of consumers watched short explainer videos to get a clear picture of the product before making a purchase.

Explainer videos are ideal for social media advertising because they present your product or business goals and benefits in an informative and engaging way, fast. Plus, they can increase your conversion rate by 20% if you embed them on your landing pages.


3. New announcements

As video became the new normal in 2021, more organizations created videos to support their announcements of new products and services, successes, or changes in their corporate lives.

Motion graphics videos for press releases can help journalists and PR professionals understand your message better, giving you the opportunity to present your value clearly. They can also support your case studies in building ultimate trust with your audience. Plus, if you add them to your testimonials or landing pages, live-action videos along with corporate videos can help you leave a good impression at press conferences, promising investor meetings, or even hiring campaigns.


4. Video SEO

The inclusion of video content was one of the most successful SEO strategies of 2021. Although this medium is not in the popular mind as the most important tool, when it comes to search engine optimization practices, it is a secret ingredient to any efficient SEO campaign.

In fact, video content gets you 3x more engagement and traffic than non-video content. And the video SEO statistics of the year show that video content including social posts and blog posts is 50x more likely to rank well on Google.

5. Email marketing and video

Successful B2B brands claim that their email list is one of their most valuable marketing assets, for good reason. In 2021, the ROI of email marketing was 4200%.

You might be surprised but 41% of people check their email first thing in the morning. Why? Because if you take boring sales emails and newsletters out of the formula, you’ll be left with the illusion of personal connection. An email is always different from social media in a way that you get a personal message in your mailbox. It is personally sent to you, unlike a social post that gets in front of you on Facebook.

This is the reason email is the second most effective advertising channel after social media, and if you pair your email marketing efforts with video content, you can get a wonderful ROI. 


6. Shoppable Video Content

Shoppable videos were on the rise in 2021 due to the seamless buyer experience they provide, and there’s no doubt that they will dominate the future of e-commerce.

These videos improve audience engagement, generate more leads, and boost your sales by allowing viewers to explore the entire product in the most interactive way; in 1-2 minutes only.

Shoppable content allows potential customers to virtually try out the product without leaving the video, so we definitely encourage you to add this content type to your video marketing strategy in 2022.


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