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Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Video Production Process at a Creative Agency

Janos Czinege
Video Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

Think of creative agencies as an extension of your marketing department. They lead your creative projects from start to finish – including video campaigns – and translate your vision into breathtaking content that helps you succeed. 

But how do they do that? 

They combine their expertise in the fields of art, design, marketing, and technology with efficient project management tactics

Creative agency vs video production agency

There are so many marketing agencies out there offering complex services that it might be challenging to figure out which type of agency could serve your business needs best. And if you’re looking for experts to produce the best videos ever for your brand, you’ll likely come across video production agencies as well as creative agencies producing video. 

So, what’s the difference between a creative agency and a video production agency?

Creative agency:

A creative agency is a team of creatives who provides its clients with marketing initiatives and innovative strategies, helping them reach their business goals. An agency of this type specializes in the fields of advertising, design, and technology. And they produce various types of content, such as video.

Video production agency:

When we use the term video production agency we are referring to a team of experienced professionals who produce video content for marketing purposes or broadcast, covering all the stages of the video production process. The only content type they produce is video.

Both kinds of agencies deliver high-quality, well-directed videos that can help you stand out. The question then arises: which one should you hire?

The short answer is it depends.

Firstly, it depends on the content type you need. Secondly, your budget and timeline also affect the decision. And last but not least, it also carries a lot of weight around whether you want to work with an agency on a short or a long-term basis.

A creative agency like Sublight provides a wide variety and broad set of services for video production including creative concept development, video marketing strategy development, scripting, shooting, designing, editing, animation, and more.

What kinds of creatives would you find at a creative agency?

No two agencies are the same, so it can be challenging to list all the professionals on a creative team; especially since the majority of these positions are universal. But the following list includes some of the crucial roles:

  • art director
  • creative director
  • campaign director
  • account director
  • film director
  • graphic designer
  • producer
  • copywriter
  • editor

How do we work at Sublight?

As a dedicated team of creatives, we place great emphasis on developing the right customized process that brings the desired results for you. By ‘the right customized process’ we not only mean the individualized services and the creative process itself. We also mean the cooperation between you and our team

It has been proven that actively involving our customers into the whole process is essential to understanding their businesses quickly. And this is the pillar of brand success.

The art is in the details, so your video content will only be perfect if every element in your video falls together as you want. For this, we must communicate to understand your intentions.

So, what you need is what we focus on – from the development of the initial concept to delivering the final version of the video. We leverage our adaptability and flexibility.

Our production process

The secret to reaching your business goals with video is creating a stellar visual experience with unique design that your prospects will love. We’ve developed our content creation techniques with this in mind, so we can help you enhance your brand’s positioning and skyrocket your results.

Our team of artists and interdisciplinary professionals combine creativity with strategic thinking to produce the best videos for you.

This is how it works, step by step:

1. Pre-production

After you accept our quote, we start to do the research and planning necessary to make your video project successful. This includes:

  • Meetings with the client and the team
  • Video strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Story building
  • Script creation
  • Casting (if the video is live-action)
  • Video crew and equipment needs
  • Location scouting

2. Production

After all the preparation is done, we start shooting. In this phase, we capture all the raw materials for your project. And we tailor the voice, tone, and style of your video content to your unique brand identity:

  • Setting up the video equipment
  • Shooting video
  • Recording voiceovers
  • Capturing B-roll (extra footage used as supplemental or alternative to your story)

3. Post-production

We ask you to review the content and our producer makes sure to implement every request of yours in the content. Then, we start to finish post-production.

  • Fine-tuning the final story
  • Music selection
  • Editing
  • Project delivery

Once your video is ready to roll, it’s time to export it into its final format. 

An established production process allows you to expect a predictable timeline and fewer revisions. If you’re ready to add video to your marketing strategy, book a call with us now to find out how we can help you grow with video.

Ready? Book a free discovery call with us now to find out how we can propel you towards your goals!