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Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Social Media Videos for Your Business

Marton Mundy
B2B Marketing
Jan 25, 2024
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Jan 25, 2024

It’s no secret that social media plays a major role in successful marketing strategies. 93% of thriving businesses say that social videos are a crucial content type for achieving their goals.

But as social videos have evolved into a highly diversified content type due to the variety of social platforms and their complex audiences, what works for other video types, may not work for social. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for you, so you can feel more confident when planning your next social video campaign. 

Why social video?

Social videos drive 1200% more shares than any other content type.

This huge percentage indicates that if you want to expand your audience and generate more sales, social media videos are a must.

These videos help you build stronger customer loyalty because they allow you to interact with your viewers better. The secret to the extremely high engagement that social videos create is that they are broken down into easily digestible snippets, they capture the interest of your audience in the very first second, and they excel at retaining viewer attention

Let’s see how you can make the most out of your social videos. 

Social media video do’s

Do have a strategy

Increase your effectiveness with a strong strategy. Set specific goals for your video and plan how you want to achieve them through your content, step by step. 

Do understand your audience

Make sure you know how your audience behaves on specific platforms and tailor your video content to their preference. 

Do engage your viewer

When creating your video, keep this in mind: the utmost goal of your content is to get your audience interested. Give them a reason to watch your video till the end!

Do consider going live

Going live on Facebook and Instagram has been a huge success for brands since the COVID outbreak. The power of “happening now” and the option of connecting with your followers directly in real time can grow engagement incredibly.

Do use transcripts and captions

85% of social videos are watched without sound. People also scroll while being in a place where they wouldn’t want others to hear what they are watching, for example, when commuting. Add captions to your video and let them enjoy your content, wherever they are.

Do add a call to action

Your call to action is critical to the success of your video. Tell your viewers what to do after watching your content. Otherwise, you may not reach the desired outcome.

Do create a range of content

For a successful social video campaign, advertising videos alone are not enough. Create various content for miscellaneous strategic purposes, including educating, entertaining, inspiring, and engaging ones.

Social media video don’ts

Don’t forget about video SEO

Social videos affect your ranking. As they attract an incredible number of visitors, they help you increase your visibility and boost your website traffic. So, make sure you nail all the SEO settings for your video.

Don’t make it salesy

No one likes content that resembles a hard sell, especially in today’s oversaturated marketing scenario. Provide your audience with value and use techniques and language in your video that don’t put a pressure on your viewer.

Don’t create lengthy video content

Social videos should be under 2 min. Surveys have found that engagement decreases after 1 min, and remarkably drops after 2 min. Rather make more short videos than one overly lengthy video that would fail to appeal to your prospects.

Don’t follow trends that could ruin your brand’s name

Following trends is necessary for being successful on social media, but it doesn’t mean you should do something just because it is trending. The key to incorporating trends into your strategy is using only those that match your brand guidelines. For example, if your brand voice has nothing to do with “fun”, having an employee of yours dancing in a TikTok video might take your brand image in a totally different direction from what you originally wanted.

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