How to Create a SaaS Demo Video that Gets People to Buy

Marton Mundy
Jan 25, 2024
•   Posted:
Jan 25, 2024

Selling a SaaS product can be quite a ride! To keep those customers hooked and excited about your awesome product, you've got to win them over month after month. Sure, a few may drift away. But with the right approach, cutting-edge tools, and solid expertise, you can create a demo video that blows all other content out of the water, turning more leads into happy customers than ever before.

What are demo videos?

Demo videos are powerful instructional videos that illustrate how your product works.

These videos can generate better results because they showcase the product’s features and functionality in a practical and compelling way.

Presenting step by step how your prospects can solve a problem they have been struggling with, these videos make your viewer think, “Aha, I can do it too”. And this is the secret sauce that'll get them to spring into action

Why demo videos?

Demo videos allow your audience to perceive the value of your product effortlessly. The visual experience will stay with them after they finish watching your video.

Even though modern apps and software products are becoming incredibly user-friendly, people still tend to approach new software with a bit of hesitation.

Hidden in the recesses of their minds, a familiar thought lingers, whispering, "Oh no, not another complex thing to learn!"

That's why demo videos are key. These videos are perfect for showing your prospects that they can use your software effortlessly and they don’t have to spend their precious time on LEARNING something new – your product was been developed with their comfort in mind.

So, instead of reading a text with images attached, like in a manual, a demo video showcases all the necessary information your prospects need to understand how your product would add to their lives - in an easily consumable way.

How to make a SaaS demo video

Here are our PRO Tips on how to make a demo that persuades people to make a buying decision.

1. Set specific goals and KPIs

Focus on the specifics. Use your product-related marketing plan as a starting point and write a list of measurable and doable objectives. 

2. Know your target audiences

You have just a few seconds to hook your prospects. So, to capture and retain your attention, you must be a master of your own buyer personas. 

What do you want your viewer to see, hear, and feel when watching your video? 

What WOWs them 100%?

3. Humanize your video content

Among the top challenges haunting software brands is the difficulty of infusing their products with that human touch. The golden rule is that people trust people, not robots. Before they would believe anything you say as a brand, they want to see that there are human beings behind your product. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to humanize your demo video:

  • Make sure that you give your captions a personal touch.
  • Add voiceover that sounds spontaneous and friendly – even if you go for a professional brand tone of voice!

4. Prioritize problem-solving

Present everything that can prevent your prospects from purchasing your products as a problem that is easy to tackle.

Focus on the real problems they face that your product solves and show your prospects how they can tackle them with the help of your product.

5. Keep it short and simple

The golden rule for creating a winning demo video is this: 

The more concise, the easier to understand. 

You have to make your video content comprehensive to prove to your viewer that your product is worth the investment. But people won’t watch a video that is as long as War and Peace. Highlight the most important points that cover the essence of your product, and make your video as short as possible.

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